How long might my order take to get to me?

Australia Post delivery times will be dependent on where you live.

We have implemented two posting days per week, our order cut off times for these days are 9am Tuesdays and 9am Fridays.

These are the days we post orders, this includes Express Post orders. (If requested)

In busy periods we cannot guarantee fast delivery even with Express Post.

You will receive a tracking number to follow on the Australia Post website/app. 
Once it is posted we no longer have control over delivery.

Please also note we will use our discretion in peak times where we may need to push your order to next posting day if it is needed.

How long will it take to pack my order?

You may not know this, but we don't actually keep stock on our shelf.

Your order is important to us and so it packed specifically for you. We use your choice of fruit and your choice of flavours, we even use your choice of chocolate.

These are all unique to you and so are customized to your tastes. Sometimes this process can take a little longer because of the pride we take in our products, and we want you to have the very best experience we can offer you.

Why did I not receive a discount?

We apply a discount to our "basic range" of products only.

Apricots, peaches, pears, medley and nectarines. These are also subject to seasonal availability.

Chocolate is not discounted, neither are our gift boxes.

We also don't apply a discount to our Unichely Imperfect range as that is already heavily discounted.

What is the shelf life of the fruit?

We confidently date our products for 12 months, however they will keep longer. Read below for tips to ensure you can keep it longer.

Where should you keep it?

We recommend storing in your fridge. Preservative free we recommend storing in the freezer due to not having any preservatives.

Why does my fruit go dark?

Your fruit will go dark if it is exposed to oxygen. This process is called oxidization, the same as if an avocado turns brown.

Why does my fruit turn hard and dry? Is it still edible?

Your fruit has been exposed to oxygen and has dried out, you can reconstitute it by sitting in some warm water for about 30 seconds. It is still edible.

What is the best way recommended way to recycle the mixed packaging?Soft plastic can be recycled via supermarket soft plastic collection points.  Brown bag can be recycled in your household recycling.