Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who are third generation fruit growers. We are family owned and run and are committed to bringing you quality Australian Dried fruit…With a twist!

We own 17 acres of what used to be called "Fruit Salad Block" back in the good old days when drying fruit was a huge industry.

We began Niche Fruits after having to find an outlet for our dried fruit.

Niche Fruits began its journey at The Mount Pleasant Farmers market in August 2013.

We have since expanded our customer base to supply wholesale to the likes of Visitor Information Centres, a local health food store, an Adelaide Hills greengrocer, local café and eateries. Our product is also on the menu at the Renmark Club.

We have new avenues to follow with the grazing and cheese platter movement which seems to be becoming more popular. People are loving the whole food movement and being able to easily source healthy Australian products.

Since appearing on Better Homes and Gardens in November 2017 our customer base has grown extensively.

Our customer feedback indicates that people love a family business to support, especially so, if it is Australian. They love the notion of the Aussie Battler farmer overcoming adversity to grow their business and become prosperous.

Being a "Fruit Salad Block" means there is work just about all year round. We start harvest in November with early apricots and through the season which finishes about April with Pears.

In the meantime we do apricots, peaches, pears, plums & nectarines, some of these are for fresh fruit market and some is for drying.

Its not uncommon to pick nectarines in the morning and then cut apricots in the afternoon.

There is never a dull moment here at Niche Fruits.

We are authentic, and take pride in our "what you see is what you get philosophy."

Niche Fruits provides you a unique Australian product…With a twist!

Dried fruit grown in Australia’s Riverland region by us, a third generational farming family.

We are passionate about growing quality Australian Produce for you to fall in love with.