Meet the Team

Charmaine, is the product developer, social media guru (term used loosely) chief fruit packer, fruit dipper and marketing manager. She organises all the fun stuff like orders, invoices, and purchasing as well as chasing up packaging and products that will make life run smoothly in the Niche office.

Darrel is the muscle and brains behind the product that makes up our business Niche Fruits. Without him there would be no product to sell. He ensures the trees are fed, watered, pruned, picked and kept in the best of health so you get a quality product when you order from us.

He is also chief boss man, he organises and trains all our workers so they know how to help harvest our crops the most efficient way. He does all the wages and the paperwork needed to run a business, think things like BAS, Tax, WorkCover Superannuation and paying the bills.

Together as a team we harvest our crops, prune our trees, pack the fruit for all our customers, we also travel to Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market every fortnight over 2 hours away.  

We enjoy our visits to the market, and after 9 years we feel like family. This was the true area of growth for us at Niche Fruits, being able to see the surprise on our customers faces when they try our products.

It is the best feeling in the world. We get the slight nod of the head, and the raising of the eyebrows when people try it for the first time. Its a real buzz.